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CARADAR is going to be at the 6th Swiss Nation H.O.G. Rally in Brunnen. Visit us there from 3. until 5. of July 2009 - Details under www.swisshogevents.ch.

CARADAR supports the Love Ride in 2009 and has a state on site. Deliver your order on site and we make a donation CHF 150.00 to Love Ride- www.loveride.ch.

The motorcycle-theft branch reaches in the canton Zurich record figures. CARADAR will will be represented at the Swiss Moto 2009 (www.swiss-moto.ch). Visit us at Swiss Moto 2009 from 19. February until 22. February 2009, hall 5, B30.

Skywards produces the CARADAR sound. DRS3 elect the Album “not in vain” as Swisstop-candidate of the month May 2008. Check www.skywardstheband.ch for details!

CARADAR has been tested by editors of „Ratgeber Auto + Verkehr“ on ARD in the broadcast “Rasthaus” – with a very positive result! Watch TV-Report:

CARADAR has been tested by editors of „Auto und Verkehr“ on SWR in the broadcast “Rasthaus” – with a very positive result! Watch TV-Report:

Carlos Solana, Manager of Headlight AG in an interview about CARADAR on Radio Argovia.

CARADAR goes through the annual data protection control. The certification, unique in the world for a vehicle detection supplier, is confirmed by SQS and IQNET, and has been extended.
CARADAR is going to be at the biggest Outdoor Customizing Exhibition in Europe during the European Bike Week. Visit us at Faak am See from 30. August until 7. September 2008 - www.arneitzcustomshow.de
CARADAR is going to be at the 5th Swiss Nation H.O.G. Rally in Brunnen. Visit us there from 5. until 6. of July 2008 - Details under www.swisshogevents.ch
CARADAR will be represented at the CUSTOMZONE Winterthur. Visit us from August 29th until 31st 2008 - www.customzone.ch
CARADAR supports the Love Ride in 2008 and has a state on site. Deliver your order on site and we make a donation CHF 150.00 to Love Ride- www.loveride.ch
Prospectus and price-list CARADAR®
(PDF) - order from (PDF)
TÖFF, the Swiss magazine for motorcycle and sport, tested CARADAR intensely during 2 weeks in March and publishes in the issue 04/2008 a three-sided report on the test results! Read here what the professionals of the branch write about us

Heavy times for car and motorcycle thieves. CARADAR launches the completely revised theft protection and security system at the SWISS MOTO 2008 (from the 21st to the 24th February). CARADAR offers also a new prize structure without subscription costs ("Silver"), as well as a massive development of the technical features which labels CARADAR as the unrivaled device in his section - for private individuals as well as for companies.
CARADAR receives a new homepage and is retrievable on www.caradar.ch
The motorcycle-theft branch reaches in the canton Zurich record figures. CARADAR will present a new development for motorcycles and other vehicles, value transports, construction machines etc. at Swiss Moto 2008 (www.swiss-moto.ch).
Motorcycle thefts and accidents have been rising and remain at a high level, prompting some of our sales parters to ask whether CARADAR® is also available on motorbikes.

As part of an extensive testing and evaluation period, a Harley Davidson equipped with CARADAR® drove from Istanbul along the coast to the northernmost point of Europe between May 17 and July 21 2007. The journey, which lasted 66 days and covered 25 countries and 20’000 kilometers proved to be a real test of people, technology and CARADAR®. The tests were executed with a success rate of 100%.

The price for the CARADAR hardware including the cost of installation at a dealership (specialized in the brand of bike you own) is CHF 1’900. The annual running costs for inclusion in our security base 24/ 7/ 365 and all the communication costs amount to CHF 360. These costs are reduced by a lowering of the insurance contribution between 20% and 30% (depending on the insurance contract) if CARADAR is installed. CARADAR® Rider can be ordered immediately.
Various insurance companies support the installation of CARADAR® with a reduction of the insurance contribution by up to 20 This saving reduces the running costs of the subscription by between 20% and 30%.
CARADAR® was installed since the very successful presentation in the following cars: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Corvette, Harley-Davidson, Land Rover, Lexus, Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Subaru and VW.
To clients of CARADAR®, the Helvetia insurance offers 10% - 15% of discount on the kasko-part of the insurance. Demands for offers can be asked at Pascal Diethelm, general agent Rapperswil, by phone under +41 58 280 60 11 or by e-mail pascal.diethelm@helvetia.ch.
After the Geneva Car Show, negotiations have started in order to achieve an agreement on building in CARADAR® directly at car manufacturers or car importers.
CARADAR® successfully presents itself at the press day of the Geneva Car Show. The interest by private clients from Switzerland and abroad as well as the interest of the car industry is high.
Homepage now avaliable in english! Last week the english version of the HEADLIGHT and CARADAR® homepage went online. Therewith all information about CARADAR® are now avaliable in english - ready for the upcoming Geneva Car Show 2007. A french and a spanish version are under construction and will be online soon.
New Europe-wide mobility warranty for CARADAR® EMERGENCY BUTTON. The full service mobility warranty covers driver and passengers with a complete protection in case of accident, puncure, theft or try of theft, including cost absorption for vehicle retrieval, return journey costs, rental car and hotel accommodation.
CARADAR® offers policy discounts for car insurances! Due to good relations with insurancies, we can now offer policy discounts of up to CHF 500.-- for CARADAR® customers. Gladly we will present to you a non-binding offer. Just send us a copy of your actual insurance policy as well as a copy of your car registration certificate and we will present to you our offer within a few days. Try us...!
CARADAR® (Stand 3210) presents itself officially as world novelty at the Geneva Car Show 2007 and will be part of the official press program on the 7th of March 2007. Exact time of presentation is to be announced short before the event.
Andrej Voina (36) is the new responsible for communications at Headlight AG. His assignment contains the planing and realizing of the fare-booth at the Geneva Car Show, as well as PR, marketing and sales activities for CARADAR®.
The CARADAR videoclips which have been produced in Octobre 2006 are compressed and are avaliable for downlowd on our homepage. We thank CT Images for the quick and professional realization of the short movie clips.
CARADAR® will be represented at the Geneva Car Show 2007. Visit us and our stand (3210) at the Geneva Car Show from March 8th until March 18th 2007.
Lexus RX400h equipped as new CARADAR® test vehicle. For the first time CARADAR® was built into a hybrid vehicle successfully. The Lexus RX400h is now ready for it's use as CARADAR® company car.
Headlight AG receives the GoodPriv@cy certificates for data protection and data security by the swiss assosiation for quality and management systems (SQS) as well as the international certificate by IQNet.

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