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CARADAR« mount
The mount of CARADAR« is being made by each car garage whith their specially trained staff.CARADAR« is being assembled so that noone can recognize the system - nor from the outside nor from the inside.Likewise the system is protected in the best possible way even in case of an accident.

CARADAR« Technology
CARADAR« is steadily developped and always uses the best avaliable components, which areassembled to a professional, unique system. Due to security issues, we do not communicate any details.Simply said, CARADAR« is always live and online due to multiple redundancy. Within three seconds, an alarmreaches the emergency central. Due to the use of hi-tech components, the highest detection precision is assuredand allows the operator to check direction, speed and other car data in real time.On request, the car can be put in "cage mode" - for example when going to a vaccation - which will release an alarm the very moment the car leaves the virtual cage around it.

Different options and intelligent software make it hardly possible that CARADAR is being detected by a thief or kidnapper. For persons which are especially endangered, there are further possibilities of technical security and support. Ask us for our individual solutions.

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